Lead team on entire 2008 360º More Flags More Fun campaign for Six Flags • Redesigned SixFlags.com contributing to a increase in online sales of over 50% • Lead team in 2007 creative of Six Flags digital projects overseeing visual, copy, and development contributing to being awarded all Six Flags brand work without pitching • Assisted on the Webby Award winning KnowMenopause.com


Case Studies

Six Flags Television


“An explosive creative energy, an enthusiastic presentation style, deep knowledge of current technology trends, an embracing and inspiring leadership style; combine all of the above and a first rough impression of Partick emerges, or shall we call it the tip of the iceberg? Patrick is a very self confident, very talented creative on a good path. We were all pretty lucky to get to work with him. I hope we’ll get to join forces again in the future.”

12.28.08 Witold Riedel Senior Partner, Creative Director, managed Patrick at Ogilvy

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