"I used to watch the news in the morning... Booriiinggg."

Daily Burn had been systematically successful at driving subscriptions running marketing that was standard fare for the fitness space. You know the stuff: incredibly fit people effortlessly executing moves in skin-tight spandex, before and after photos complete with “fat pants”, and hard-hitting offers that get beat over viewers’ heads until they submit.

What they hadn’t been successful at was building a brand.

With the recent deluge of data into our industry, came the scourge of “short-termism” — marketing built solely around immediate metrics with no concern for long-term growth. With this model, nothing is additive and every campaign restarts from zero. No efforts are made to ensure that Q3 of next year will beat Q3 of this year without requiring additional spend.

Partnering closely with Daily Burn, we set out to break this vicious cycle they’d found themselves in.

We focused on their brand and building connections with a new target of realistic fitness enthusiasts that would last.

The result was a head-to-toe rebranding across all touch-points to be more authentic, more understanding, and more focused on everyday people… Minus the fat pants.

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