"I'm so glad that you're on the other end of this computer."

Philadelphia Cream Cheese commands two-thirds of the market, so to grow their business it meant not just reimagining their strategy but rather rethinking the cream cheese market as a whole.

If cream cheese was going to be about more than just getting “schmeared” on bagels, it would take embracing a different kind of cuisine.

Enter Paula Deen.

Aligning with Deen (during her heyday) and her large digital footprint of cream cheese cooking advocates was a marriage made in heaven.

“Philadelphia Cream Cheese has always been a part of my refrigerator!”

We then energized the audience with a contest to find four women to become the Real Women of Philadelphia — touring the country, crafting a cream cheese cookbook, and, of course, spending some time in South Carolina with their pal Paula Deen.

The not-so-secret ingredient in every recipe may have been Philadelphia Cream Cheese, but the real secret to this campaign’s success was in the execution. The focus never left the real stars: our women. Philadelphia Cream Cheese was the champion, the facilitator, and never tried to outshine our women.

The results were delicious, to say the least.