Gave nearly one million NFL fans super powers.

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When NFL REDZONE became available on all cable, satellite, and telco providers as an alternative to NFL Sunday Ticket, DIRECTV faced aggressive communications that challenged their hold on the NFL fan. However, DIRECTV remained the only way to see more than “every touchdown” as REDZONE provided. So, to reinforce the product’s superiority and further elevate the badge value, it was time to be even more clear about what DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket offered true NFL fans.

First, we constructed a psychographic segmentation strategy focused on the NFL superfans, avid fantasy league players, fans in the process of moving, and displaced out-of-market fans. All four of which demand more football, more ways than any other cable, satellite, or telco could provide.

Then, we designed numerous versions of impactful creative. These were localized by region and team plus tailored to highlight benefits that exceeded even our targets’ unique needs.

The result was a campaign that empowered our segments not just to sign up for a product, but to become The World’s Most Powerful Fan with the omnipotent power of NFL Sunday Ticket.

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