"We do a lot more than make software."

SAP was known to help large global businesses run better, but what does it mean to “run better” when the digital tools that tie businesses big and small together plus connect them to their customers continues changing at an ever increasing pace?

The more we dug into that question, the more paradoxes we uncovered. Bigger became smaller. Faster was slower. And looking west showed us east.

The evolution of business wouldn’t be incremental. It would be revolutionary.

The next step wasn’t about just running better, but to “Run like never before.”

The resulting campaign featured globe spanning footage shot on location of the future of business from the massive multinationals all the way down to the businesses running “with a department of one.”

Global online executions further extended the campaigns reach. From full-page takeovers to interactive display and social media experiences — the Run Like Never Before buzz was everywhere. All of it driving to a rich landing experience where users could explore how SAP was delivering on their promise by partnering with the most beloved brands on the planet.

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