"Remodel projects can be fun. They should be fun."

TD Bank, being a local bank, prides itself on knowing its customers and neighbors. In fact, when we first started talking about a campaign to promote their home equity line of credit (or HELOC) product, they furnished us with reams and reams of data on their targets and their buying habits.

Pouring over all that data, one number stood out.

On average, it takes nine years between initially considering a home improvement project and starting.

Talk about a long buying cycle! People were in a rut. They loved to watch HGTV and dream of their new kitchen or bath or master bedroom, but getting started was a difficult next step.

To overcome this couch-induced inertia, we decided to bring everything anyone would need to actually enjoy taking the next step right to their doorstep with TD Bank Rolling Renovation — an omnichannel experience purpose-built to leverage the creative, strategic, and media expertise of iCrossing and combine them with the subject matter expertise of HGTV Magazine plus the wider Hearst organization.

A rich mobile-first web experience, engaging social, and localized display primed the pump online while radio, print, in-book features, out-of-home, and broadcast (all produced by iCrossing) continued the story offline. Then, innovative hyper-local SEM captured intent just as the tour was rolling into town. Finally, customers could meet their favorite HGTV stars including Jason Cameron at impactful local events for that final bit of inspiration or even bounce a few ideas off an expert — all with quick and easy access to a HELOC application close at hand.

The successes we saw with TD Bank Rolling Renovation are proof that it pays to plan around people and their passions, not products.

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