"Just saying that today would be a great day to make it happen!"

Voya Financial had an interesting problem. On their launch day, they’d be one of the largest financial services companies in the country (thanks to their previous life as ING Financial), yet have almost zero awareness in their new incarnation.

Strategically, we saw an opportunity.

Although there are some beautifully done and thought provoking marketing in the financial services world, the vast majority of the messaging is quite negative. Many use a fear-inducing script that can be summarized as “Surprise! You screwed up! Choose us or your retirement will be terrible… If you have one at all.”

But through research, we found that Americans are extremely optimistic. While Europeans see today as the culmination of thousands of years of history, Americans see today as the beginning of a bright future. No matter what, they believe their best days are yet to come.

To become “America’s retirement company”, we chose to embrace our country’s inherent optimism and zig while the rest of the industry zagged.

The next step was to align with the most positive thing anyone can do: bring a new life into this world.

Voya Born to Save was an omnichannel experience built around connecting with the hopes and dreams of us all. And that optimism helped it explode in earned media. In the end, it took an unknown player in the financial services industry and helped transform it into a household name.